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Skate Board Games: How to Download and Play on PC and Console

Everyone remembers the iconic Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. Today we are lucky enough to have a variety of epic skateboarding browser games we can play - these games allow you to take control of a skater and practice different tricks and stunts.

Leave your mark around town, collecting all the S-K-A-T-E-R upgrades from each corner of the board. Get some big air or roll down a ramp to get there even faster! Do you have what it takes to be the best skater, or will you fade into the sunset?

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Skateboarders know there is nothing like hitting the skatepark and pulling off a challenging trick. However, going out and finding time for skateboarding isn't always possible. In that case, the virtual world of skateboarding games allows you to experience the same adrenaline rush without going outside.

From a proper career mode to good old arcade-style fun, these are the best skateboarding games you can try on your smartphone. While there were plenty of options, we picked six of the best and most diverse games, so you can find something to enjoy no matter your play style.

With the game's free version, you can dive into the exciting world of skateboarding with a career mode and free skate mode. Practice your moves and perform jaw-dropping tricks without any limits in the free skate mode. So, if you want to hone your skill and perfect your techniques, this is the mode you should spend time on.

If you want to explore different environments and new maps, you can upgrade to the full version of the game. Customize your skater with awesome outfits and boards to truly make the experience your own.

Technically, Alto's Odyssey is more of a sandboarding game, but considering the tricks you can pull off are similar to skateboarding, it deserves some attention here. The game features a relaxing art style, soothing background music, and intuitive gameplay.

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You embark on a journey through a captivating hill filled with diverse obstacles. During your adventure, you can perform incredible tricks like backflips, hardflips, chasm jumps, grinds, slides, and more. With each level, you unlock new tricks that enhance your skateboarding experience.

Whether you wish to build a skateboard career virtually or compete with people online, Skate Jam has a lot to offer. This mostly online game offers various modes and incredible environments such as parks, cities, and deserts.

To access these environments, you must accomplish diverse tasks and objectives, adding an exciting challenge to the game. The maps in Skate Jam are of decent size, providing ample opportunities for you to show off your skateboarding skills and perform various tricks.

Perfect Grind is the perfect virtual skateboard simulation game if you just want to land tricks and don't care about a career mode. With each new level, you will learn and master a handful of new tricks.

To progress in the game, you must complete a set of objectives at each level, ensuring you develop new skills and remain motivated. As you perform each trick, you will earn rewards that can be redeemed to unlock new characters, skateboard designs, outfits, and more.

Are you looking for a simple yet exciting game? Then Turbo Stars is just what you need. Despite its incredibly fast-paced gameplay, this skateboarding game is relatively simple compared to others in its genre.

As you progress through the game, you will discover coins, power-ups, keys, and other items that can be used to purchase new outfits and skateboards for your character. Additionally, you can throw competitors who come too close to you during a race, clearing your path to the finish line.

This game is aptly named, as it centers around a single skateboarding ramp where players can execute various tricks, such as the boardslide and airwalk, while remaining within the ramp's boundaries. The app's design is simple, featuring a single game mode, and it's one of those games you can play without data or Wi-Fi.

It's surprising to see how many skateboarding games are available on mobile. For every great game like Skateboard Party 3, there are at least three similar clones for it. And while playing these games isn't the same as grabbing your skateboard, they provide a lot of excellent casual fun at the end of the day.

However, while these mobile games are great, they don't hold a candle to the best skateboarding games ever. Perfect Grind and Skate Jam are a lot of fun, but they can't really compare to games like Tony Hawk's Underground or Skater XL.

The greatest skateboarding game has returned! Skateboard Party 3 comes with better venues including local skate parks, busy streets, and more. So, ride your board, pick up new tricks, and hone your abilities. Greg Lutzka, a pro skateboarder, will be available for you to free skate with in this third installment of the action sports franchise Skateboard Party game.

With better graphics and playability, Skateboard Party 3 welcomes all fans and skateboarding enthusiasts. It also comes with fluid controls and dynamic settings for those who would like to learn new skating methods. If you like to advance your skills in the field of skateboarding, now is the time to play the game. Enjoy the complex maps with your friends.

In Skateboard Party 3, the main objective is to use the ramps and other environmental elements to your advantage in order to do the best tricks and earn the most score. Although you can improve the stats of your main character, the levels get harder as you advance. This fun game offers skaters a distinctive adventure where they may showcase their skating prowess from their own computers.

An entertaining skateboarding game for download, Skateboard Party 3 lets skaters experience the thrill of extreme skateboarding. Here, you can pick up new skills and even hone your existing ones in as many as eight distinct situations. Simple joystick movement in the lower left corner while keeping your finger depressed on your mouse is all that is required to maneuver your character. Additionally, to perform stunts, you must click on the buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Skateboard Party 3 has approximately 40 distinct tricks and hundreds of insane combinations. You can start by following the new interactive lesson, then advance your skills as you go. To get some remarkable high scores, experience, and notoriety, perform wild combos and trick sequences. Completing over 70 accomplishments and level objectives will allow you to access additional skateboard stuff and destinations. Gain experience to improve the skills of your preferred skater so they can pull off better tricks and score higher. Practice and perfect your skating abilities and tricks at your own pace, from wheelies and ollies to 360s and kickflips. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

For the sake of those who do not have the reflexes required for actual skateboarding, we are listing down the best sports apps under this category. Although virtually, may these games provide you the adrenaline of twisting and turning in the comfort of your mobile phone.

Since 1986, a good number of skateboarding games have been developed and these games continue to give people of all ages that good old adrenaline rush. Nothing much has changed in terms of gameplay in skateboard games. If you remember the first game of this niche, 720, modern games pretty much have the same gameplay. However, that gameplay takes so many twists and turns as more games employ plots and storylines to make the game unique and appealing.

This mobile game is one of the bests in the market, which is why it is surprising that it got mixed reviews. Some users think the game is teeming with ads but perhaps buying the full version of the game will remove that problem. Would you let us know what you think of this skateboarding game?

Flip Skater is a goal-oriented skate game. Players must perform a set of somersault tricks with their boards to complete a mission and become the greatest skateboarder in the world. The graphics in this mobile game are great and that is generally perfect for a game that sets each gameplay in different locations. Players would love the change in settings where they have to complete the tricks; scenes from around the world and half-pipes that match the setting.

Players who are into Flip Skating are quick to liken the game to bottle flipping in real life. The game is great but the real challenge is in perfecting the tricks and earning coins for you to be able to upgrade boards and skills. But hey! The challenges are all part of the deal and fun-side of the game. So, put your best game face on and challenge your friends to an epic skateboarding match!

Real Skate 3D is as real as a skateboarding game can get. Challenge yourself to complete 150+ challenging missions and unlock 20 distinctive skateboards as you kill those tricks in 8 remarkable skateparks. With the powerful touch sensors of your screen, show off your skills and perform well-known tricks such as ollie, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 50 50 grind, and more.

While some mobile skate games tend to get too much in terms of what you can do, Skate Space breaks the wheel and settles as being a less complicated arcade mobile game. What we do like about this game is how highly customizable every element is; from customizing the avatars and avatar gears to creating the skating ramps where each game can be played. We can say the graphics are great but not console-quality. Also, the physics are also not at par with the top five games in this list but would you ask for more?

This game is Subway Surfer meets Hill Climb Racing. You move your skater avatar across ramps or terrains and collect various power items along the way. Skater Boy is one of those 2D mobile games that does not get complicated but still brings the traditional skateboarding games adrenaline rush and pump right to your fingertips. This game also boasts good graphics which is perfect when you need your character to do tricks and collect more points. Game controls are another thing but they are so easy that even a five-year-old can make them work the way they ought to be. 2b4c41e320


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